Nima Boscarino

About Me

I'm a Computing Science student at Simon Fraser University in beautiful British Columbia! Currently, I'm an instructor for the Web Development bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs and I teach at TeacherCon conferences across Canada for Canada Learning Code.

In Summer 2017, I worked on the future of transit at Spare Labs. Before that, I completed an 8-month Co-op as a Web Application Developer on the EIS team at Hatfield Consultants making cool things with C# and Javascript.

My main interests are technology and education. When I'm not programming, I lead and mentor workshops for Canada Learning Code, post on Twitter and Medium, and jam out on my guitar.

If you're into hip hop, you might also like this interview I did with Opio Lindsey of Souls of Mischief in 2014.

Thanks to Cristian Fowlie for the picture.

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Thoughts on the Internet of Things

March 08, 2017

Last time on this column, we looked at some of the uses for cloud computing. One such application was dealing with “Big Data”, as the cloud gives us access to the necessary computational power needed to make sense of massive amounts of data. But where does all this data come from?

Up in the clouds

February 09, 2017

I was helping out at a coding workshop the other day when one of the students came to me saying that her computer wasn’t working properly.

Blue Garry

January 24, 2017

In February of 1996, IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer faced off in a best-of-six chess match against Garry Kasparov, the world chess champion.